Jennifer Mangold featured by Cal Women’s Network

This originally appeared in the Cal Women’s Network newsletter

Cal Woman Spotlight: Jennifer Mangold

What is your role at Cal? What are you most excited about in that role?
I’m the Innovation Coach for the Fung Fellowship for Wellness & Technology. I work with an amazing team and we are creating a new model for undergraduate education focused on inclusion, innovation, and working across majors. Our incredible students make my job a lot of fun. Doing social impact work can be tough at times and the students help me keep a fresh perspective and inspired.

How would you describe your leadership style?
Building authentic relationships is core to how I lead; making sure everyone on the team feels not only comfortable but supported in sharing their voice and opinions. I’d like to encourage everyone to challenge the traditional leadership paradigm which is limiting for so many. As a quiet leader, I’m often encouraged to be more decisive; however from my perspective, I make things happen, just not always by having the loudest voice in the room. By supporting diverse leadership styles we can create space within our organizations and teams for everyone to grow; ultimately enriching both culture and innovation.

By valuing leadership attributes that women apply more often than men — like being inspirational and inviting participatory decision making — organizations can elevate women without pushing them to adapt their behaviors to masculine norms. This reorientation could not just advance women’s careers but also benefit organizations.” — Harvard Business Review 2018

What would you say is the best career guidance you have given or received that continues to be useful to you?
Your career path will not be direct. Having dynamic and varied experiences will ultimately give you a greater perspective that you can bring to any organization or future role. Trying out different things allows you to find what you ultimately enjoy doing and where you might want to take your career. Taking advantage of opportunities has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

What is one hobby or skill you would like to share with your colleagues?
Being outside! From biking, backpacking, to yoga, I try to take advantage of any chance to get outdoors. Also, lately I’m trying to be better about practicing guitar.

What is your ‘super-hero’ power? You mean other than being a woman?