What’s new ?
■You can enable “force transaction” in advanced settings!
This allows transactions to be spammed.
Please use this function for swapping tokens with a limited amount of swap.
Check the box in the Settings tab.

Currently limited to three consecutive transactions. To be modified later

■USDC liquidity pools for pancakeswap
Please use it at the bottom of the pair search field.

Fungle automatically selects the pool with the most liquidity.
If you choose pool, please pay attention to the price impact.

■You can see the latency of the node you are connected to.
Please check it in the Settings tab.

The lower the number, the lower the latency at that point.

■Upgrade chromium version to v100 in order to solve security issues.

■Minor bugs and user experience improvement.

Updates are done automatically when you start Fungle.
Enjoy the constantly evolving Fungle!

For feedback and requests, please contact us at ↓.
✈️ Telegram : https://t.me/Fungle_io

↓”Fungle” Shitcoin Trading Platform for Crypto↓
🌍 Web : https://www.fungle.io/
📖WIKI : https://fungle.gitbook.io/fungle-docs/
🎮 Discord : https://discord.gg/vbbBUsEA
🐤 Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fungle_io



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