Sit Down With the Principal

After volunteering, I sat down with the principal of Banaadir Academy and we had a chat. I asked him some questions as to what does Banaadir stand for to how did Banaadir became the Banaadir today. The principal, Shawn Fondow, told me how all he wants in his school is “to give these kids the same kind of education as [his] daughters”. He also told me that when Banaadir first started in 2009, there were only about 30–40 kids. Today, there are about 300 kids attending. In only six years, Banaadir has increased to ten times the amount of students that it started out with. Since most of the kids who attend Banaadir is Somalian and most of their parents are refugees, Banaadir will hold parent/teacher night to show the parents how to read their kids’ report cards and to see how they are doing in class. Shawn Fondow also said that in the future he hopes that Banaadir will keep providing education to kids and that it will grow.

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