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Featuring: Multi-Millionaire, EmperorRyzoft

Ever wanted to make millions of Robux? Ever wanted to Developer-Exchange for the first time EVER? Well, you’ve come to the right place, right time and we’re going to go through all the different ways you should advertise your game, if you should sponsor or not, what the current Roblox era of users want to play, and the do’s and do not’s of how you engage with your community.

Let’s dive right in, with a high-achiever, and multi-millionaire: @EmperorRyzoft. Ryan (EmperorRyzoft) is currently 2ic of The Robine, Owner of Bloxstar Industries (35+ Million Place Visits), And Co-Owner of Hyperactive Cords Game Studios. EmperorRyzoft is close friends & business partners with @NoahWho who is also Co-owner of Hyperactive Cords, and Co-Owner of Bloxstar Industries. These two Robloxians know how to market a game, from the bottom from nothing to something. He will also touch on some points that can also support you become a Roblox millionaire.

Now, you came here to learn how to market your game and how you can make millions of Robux to exchange into thousands of dollars, right? Let’s jump into the beginning with:

What do the current Roblox players want to play? What are they interested in — What is a game that will click to the attention and have a high player retention? Something players will like and come back to play?
EmperorRyzoft: Current ROBLOX Players will play anything. As long as you make it right there will be a fan-base for it. Roblox is so rich with different kinds of people. You can start an entire genera then be at the top of that while new games pop up in the genera you started. This is fairly typical. There are themes around ROBLOX that you will notice very often. Simulators, Tycoons, Obbies and probably soon to be ‘life’.

Which is the best way to go? Should we sponsor our game or should we go all advertisement. If we go advertising, what advertisements should we use? Skyscraper, Box, or Banner?
@EmperorRyzoft: Genres can have changes within them. For example, Workout Simulator was the first notable simulator and that inspired 3 other exact copies that either became as successful or more so. Simulators are easy to pump out semi-quality content games. Or so they have been. Recently after Treasure Hunting Simulator a new trend was starting to be set, more permanent simulators. To this day Mining Simulator is still on the front page and it is hard to see it going anywhere but anything is possible. Simulators are a good way to start your development career. The name itself “Simulator” is almost clickbait enough to get people interested and want to try your game.

Alright. Now we’ve gotten into the basics of marketing our game. Let’s move onto: “We’ve found out what our player base will be, and which way we should go with advertising. What is the range I should price out my gamepasses and dev products?”
@EmperorRyzoft: What makes a simulator a success or a flop? It depends on quality and first impression gameplay. You NEED to nail your first 30 seconds of gameplay because that will be your entire game experience summed up into a loop. Is this loop fun and how could you improve on it. Is there too much to understand or too little. You should test these with maybe younger siblings and see if they enjoy the game or dislike it. If they dislike it ask them why and what you could do to allow them to like it more. It might be as simple as changing music. The smallest feature could completely kill your game and make it a flop.

Slow down there buddy. Upon reading now your at the section of you’re making profit. Now, you want to go ahead and continue the game, but player base is not growing. It’s decreasing! How can I get more players (With & Without Ads)?
@EmperorRyzoft: Don’t EVER bet on getting lucky. It simply will not happen. Granted, my first successful game ‘got lucky’ for reasons I will explain. My first big game was Fallout Tycoon. I took the big massive wave of fallout and at the same time sponsorship was 2 days old. We ran a 15k ad on it and we made back around 300k robux and that launched my career as a full-time roblox developer. Anyone can get where I got. You just need to keep trying and trying. Some of your games will fail. Infact MOST of your games will fail. To gather the new funds to run these games will be your hardest task.

You’ve got to the point of getting new players, making revenue, and what the Roblox players want to play during this time: Let’s dive into the segment of “Developer Exchange” DevEx is the ONLY way you can convert Robux to USD. Mr. Ryan, have you ever DevEx’ed? And if so (If you want) How much have you made total off of Roblox?
@EmperorRyzoft: If you think you have an amazing idea then try look for investors and give them %. This will work out for you as you aren’t using up 99% of your earnings that you could have spent months grinding for. In 2015 I knew I was going to make millions. I knew that because I am a very VERY persistent person and I never give up. Persistence is the key to success in life itself.

But, most importantly before we start let’s get to know Ryan and how he was able to climb up the ladders becoming a Roblox Multi-Millionaire. Here’s his story: I grew up in the European version of what Americans call the “Ghetto”. 9/10 of my best friends did hard drugs and are no longer my friends. I tried to support them thought everything but I ultimatum lost my friends to drugs. I lost about half my family to drugs, cancer and suicide. Life is hard. Life will NEVER give you melons. You gotta grow your own. 3 years ago we were about to be kicked out of our rented flat and today I’m able to buy my mum a house.

I’m truly blessed and I wish I could change my friends lives but sadly I cannot they have their own path in life. Anyone can make it in life. ANYONE. You just gotta want it hard enough. Never give up and never give into stereotypes. I’m a Gay male who grew up in the worst area in Europe who was the least privileged in my area.

“Gay people can’t make money because they are too nice, Watch me.” ~EmperorRyzoft

Let’s take a look at EmeperorRyzoft’s games: (Oldest to Newest)

Fallout Tycoon — 2m visits — 300k Robux (2015)
Superhero Tycoon — 7m visits — 900k Robux (2016)
Candy Factory Tycoon — 7m visits — 3m robux (2016)
Re-Superhero Tycoon — 7m visits — 3.5m robux (2016)
Toy Factory Tycoon — 10m visits — 6m robux (2016)
Soda Factory Tycoon — Got to front-page and found a hidden teleport script and it shut down the game (could have been most profitable tycoon) (2016) City-17–5m visits — 21m robux (2016–2018)
Woodcutting Simulator — 6m visits — 13m robux (2018)
Border Simulator — (Brand new) 100k visits — 200k robux (2018)

Alright! And we’re going to be concluding our segment of BloxTalk: How to market your game and make MILLIONS right here. Remember, to tune in next week for another BloxTalk that will be featuring an interesting user and how they’ve managed to climb up starting with nothing, and nobody and climbing to be a multi-millionaire on Roblox.

Again, thanks for tuning in today on our first segment of BloxTalk!
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