twenty nine equals nineteen ninety nine

20-something, you have one more year to impress me.


Everyone’s up for a new millennia. Not until we realised that a gigantic bug was lurking around systems of our world. Turning into zero-zero seemed like an enormous deal for us. No one knows what’s inside the box.

Now I’m 1999.

Excitement is thumping even harder into my guts. On the other side, I have no idea what will happen on the third decade of this life. Is it going to be wild as when I turned twenty? No one has ever time travelled far enough to tell me that.

But 2000 turned out okay.

Planes didn’t fall down suddenly from the sky, my savings was still banked in same amount, and Britney Spears did it again.

I must say, hope is high for thirty.

So let’s have a last hurrah, by wholeheartedly cherish every moment of being twenty nine.

And then my thirty nine won’t be another 1999.

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