A Tale of Many Protests.. #EndSARS and others

I feel sorry for you if you only find your voice of dissent when others fight for their rights. Your right to life&dignity is no less or more important than others’. You only remember to start a counter-movement in deference to an existing one. Where’s your originality? #EndSARS

Since you lack ideology or conviction, you only find your voice when others speak against injustice & you think that’s a threat to a voice you never cared to explore? You are part of the problem when you launch a campaign simply to invalidate…

Demystifying Nigerian Politics

For the record, there is no difference between @OfficialPDPNig and @OfficialAPCNg

The political class are just messing us up in different ways. Almost everyone in APC now was in PDP or its equivalent in the last 20 years. At the end of the day, it’s the people being ******.

What’s the percentage of voters or politically savvy Nigerians? When you remove the rigging and stuffing, how many folks actually give a hook about APC or PDP? Both parties have done nothing for the average Nigerian who doesn’t have a big name behind them. …

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