Ted Chiang’s Hell is the Absence of God: A Tale of Twisted Salvation And Mockery

Ted Chiang, circa 2019. Photo by Alan Berner
The story collection that contains both the basis for “Arrival” and “Hell is the Absence of God”
Nietzsche’s character of Zarathustra is famously known for proclaiming the “Death of God”.
The Demiurge of Gnosticism, the creator of the material universe. Also known as the “Lord of the world”.
Dante Alighieri (1265–1321), the Italian Poet who famously wrote the three-part “Divine Comedy”.
Buonconte Da Montefeltro painting by Gabriele Smargiassi (1798–1882). From Galleria D’Arte Moderna, Florence
Job is accused of wrongdoing by his three friends. Illustration by William Blake. Published 1826



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Isagani Agustin

Isagani Agustin

Isagani Agustin is an aspiring author of Literary fiction, Art, and Japanese Anime. He enjoys writing reviews of his favorite entertainment.