How do native speakers think of IELTS test?

I had watched a video yesterday about the IELTS test. In that video it showed how ordinary people from Australia reacted to a topic from the IELTS writing test. Many were confused by the long complex sentence used in the question and required for the interviewer to repeat the question. Even if they understand the question, few of them could immediately give their opinions to the topic. And after they were told that it is a part of the test for non-English-speakers, all of them were shocked.

So I would like to know that as a person from English-speaking countries, how do you think of the question below?

Should developing countries concentrate on developing industrial skills for economical gain or should they promote educational reform first?

And in the real IELTS test, you are given 40 minutes to write an essay with at least 250 words, in which you should discuss both of the views and give your own opinion.

Do you think it’s an easy task for native speakers?

The video mentioned in the beginning: