I’m sorry, I love you but I won’t be buying your asoebi.

Hey Nicole. Stumbled on your IG and in a way, It kinda felt like kindred spirits.. “Turned 28 this year too, paid for gym membership and actually attended, love to rant on my blog and on the hunt for a more challenging career move(with more money too)”. Anyways, I totally love your piece and I’ve had the same thoughts too. Why pay so much for a fabric you get to wear once. I’ve had a total of 13 weddings between last year and this year and guess how many Aso-Ebi i bought? Zilch! But guess what else is growing? peace of mind and bank account. 😊 If someone decides to excommunicate me because of a silly fabric, then you weren’t worth being a friend in the first place. We really need to drop certain traditions. What really is us the rationale of Aso-Ebi cos I don’t gerrit!

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