Keeping up with my funny self

So people read a blog post from you and it heavily cracks them up. You succeed in writing another “funny” article and it maybe gets them to chuckle even more than normal. But you know deep within that you aren’t a funny person (At least it took you over two decades to discover who you are and funny isn’t one of your strongest suits)

And so they read another blog post. It doesn’t leave them in stitches as your writings normally would. Left to you, you would rather just pass the message across without having to bother if anyone has had their daily dose of laughter or not. I after-all aren’t your favourite cheap comedienne. But then, it reflects in the numbers. Traffic to the website drastically drops and the comments aren’t as plentiful as it used to.

The onus is now on you to be funny as F or watch your blog go into extinction or probably have your articles passed by like yesterday’s dodo. So you decide to maybe “copy” another writers style of humour. A part of you knows you’re better than that. Your mother did not spend so much on your education only for you to end up plagiarising.

Then you begin to rethink your choices. Should I have not troubled the comedy waters and just stayed in my lane writing only what I know of. I’m good at sarcasm, satire, rants, random gist but funny is a different ball game entirely.

So I humbly ask, fellow writers (or not). How do you keep up with being funny.

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