First and foremost, happy new year to everyone. I pray God’s blessings fall on you and your wonderful families. Now, twelve things I happily learnt in 2017;

  1. You NEED God in everything you do (Psalm 127:1–2)
  2. Loving God is not as easy as you think it is, it is not just by words of mouth, going to church or praying once a day, you have to show that you love Him by keeping to His commandments and doing His will
  3. Family and friends will fail you, but God will never fail you (Jeremiah 29:12)
  4. Pray about it as much as you stress about it

5. Good mental health is very important

6. Study the bible, there’s a lot to learn!!

7. Don’t place your happiness or fulfillment in the hands of anyone.

8. Don’t ever care about what another fellow human has to say about you, as long as you treat people right and have a pure heart, you should never be bothered, we are all going to die one day and all their opinions and thoughts towards you are going to die right with them, it’s all temporary

9. Never ever compromise your standards

10. Work really hard for what you want

11. Not everyone is worth your energy and time, stop stressing yourself over people that won’t do the same for you, no matter who they are

12. You never actually know anyone, people are going to surprise you

13. Be around people with similar mindsets, standards, goals.

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