Adventures of minuature plastic deer :)

Having a daughter has made me more curious about this world. I love playing with her and imagining new worlds made out of toys and things that fill her play room :) I was thinking that toys for adults must not be that uncommon and there might be a place where you can get something that brings you into that imagination place.

Deer + Moss + Mushroom Mini Kit

If you ever felt the same way than you would love Miniature Plastic Deer online store. It offers miniatures that you can use to create your own world that little deer can inhabit :) Through them I got two friends: Nicholas and Edwin who loved to explore outside. My daughter and I were placing them all around the grass loan and were coming up with funny dialogues the two deer might have. We had a blast and can not wait to take Nicholas and Edwin on many more other adventures!

Miniature Plastic Deer just launched but they seem to have a lot of fans like myself. It will make a great holiday gift for big and small dreamers! Carry on and keep on dreaming :) Cheers!

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