The Vegan Body Oil is part of the Celebrity Limited Edition Series by ARTISANskin, in collaboration with Celebrity Blogger + Ballerina, Agnes Muljadi.

Artisan life in a bottle

Healing is one of the most important properties of life. We do things, explore life, we get hurt and then we heal to do it all over again. Mental and physical healing are both necessary for a full fullfilment of our dreams, our purpose and our happiness. I notice it more and more as a parent. Becoming a mother comes with a full bundle of joy and happiness that partners very closely with fatigue and pain. And this jaxtapozition makes you realize how balance in life can be achieved, that without one you can not feel the other and that it takes courage and open heart to embrace both.

I wrote some time ago that Taking Some Time to Myself has made me a better, more present parent to my daugther. In that spirit, I started discovering small things that can be done daily to promote that state of mind. Taking a bath and putting on some nice, organic lotion would bring brief moment of relaxation and peace into my daily wonderful craziness of motherhood. But what if that lotion can be a healing source for both mental and physical self? Guess what?! I think it is possible …

The Vegan Body Oil is 100% plant based, cruelty free, and vegan. It is formulated with the hypnotic and organic scents of rose + sandalwood, along with a multitude of organic ingredients.

My very good Instagram friend and inspiration Agnes Muljadi has joined forces with a natural, high quality skincare line ARTISANskin to create a Vegan Body Oil that promotes physical and spiritual healing of your body. It is made with unrefined coconut oil, argan oil, safflower oil, avocado oil and more fantastic cerfified organic oils to provide relaxation and relief to your body and soul. I simply love the way it smells and feels. You need to warm up the bottle lightly to allow coconut oil to melt for a smooth application.

A little bit about the makers … Agnes is a ballerina, photographer, visual aficionado who has one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts. Her philosophy of authentic and natural living as a dancer and girl boss inspired ARTISANskin to reach out to Agnes to be a part of their Celebrity Limited Edition Series, where influential minds design their own apothecary product. ARTISANskin is a lifestyle brand of authentic, all natural, apothecary style skincare products. They were recently included in the Grammy Program at the 58th Grammy Awards and are on a mission to create a ‘Skin Revolution’ to help men and women transition into a healthy, natural skincare routine. Please check out this press release that talks in more detail about the wonderful Vegan Body Oil. It will be available for purchase on ARTISANskin site for a limited time starting March 1st.

Have a wonderful time of the day and spend a minute for a healing moment if you may :)

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