Book Review: You Are Not Ruining Your Kids by Sheila B. Jordan

Feb 11 · 3 min read

As a working mom I often strive to find balance between work life and family life. Well, is it even possible I wonder? In modern families one income is often not enough to sustain it and sometimes we also want to work to fulfill our personal growth goals. With a working mom in the family that balance is harder to achieve, I thought, but it is possible. And that chase of balance has kept me personally awake at night more times than I wanted to. Luckily I came across Sheila Jordan’s book “You Are Not Ruining Your Kids: A Positive Perspective on the Working Mom” where she suggests that the Work/Life balance is a worthless pursuit. Because it’s impossible to be always 100% involved in both aspects at the same time, instead of trying to be perfect everywhere it ‘s better to integrate both of those aspects of life in a way that they can coexist.

Brunch at The Cavalier SF with Sheila Jordan and fellow working San Francisco moms

Sheila Jordan is a dedicated mother of two and a senior-level tech executive in Silicon Valley. She is currently Chief Information Officer at Symantec and has held SVP positions at Cisco and Walt Disney World.

Sheila B. Jordan author of the “You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids”

I am very grateful to Sheila to write this book where she shares how a working mom herself she navigated the corporate professional growth (and that too an impressive one!) with being mom to two wonderful kids. Her advise was so easy for me to take because Sheila knows first hand how tough it is to be both. The book is full of precious nuggets of how to solve some problems that might come along the way and most importantly switch to a positive perspective on a working mom.

My favorite moments from the book were about were about the magical socks, broadway chores, the m&m disaster and the perspective of now grown up kids about their working mom (chapter 9). While not wanting to give away all the spoilers, a few things parents can get from the book are:

  1. Whatever happens be all in — be that in work or in your kid’s lives.
  2. Treat family time and vacations as sacred.
  3. Seek the bigger perspective.
  4. Ask for help.

I will be including the “You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids: A Positive Perspective On The Working Mother” with the “ What To Expect When You Are Expecting” as a baby shower gift to my girlfriends, because we all could use a supportive and fabulous friend like Sheila!


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