Jewelry fun with Kollectin

May 8, 2018 · 2 min read

I just wanted to start with saying that I love Kollectin App! I love the whole idea behind it of women empowering women and helping you to become your own #girlboss! If you have not heard about it, I really encourage you to check out their app and to create your own jewelry store to see how fun and easy it is! You can also use this link or my code (FUNMOMMYSF) to do so. Once you have your Kollectin store, the real fun begins :) You can buy jewelry that you like or share your store with friends, family or social media buddies and if it makes a sale, you get points than can be converted to cash or store credit! I have already purchased 8 pieces from the site and I really like them all! Kollectin jewelry style, quality and packaging just keep encouraging you to get more :)

Gold Box

Black pouch that comes with every jewelry piece

Ok, this is new and my personal favorite program that Kollectin offers. Once you have a Kollectin store, you need to invite 10 friends who then also start their stores and have one item purchased from your store to get a Golden Box invitation. When I received my Gold Box it included twelve items that were in my Kollectin store and I had ten days to play with them, share and sell if I wanted to.

I loved so many pieces that some of them I actually gifted for friend’s birthday and some I kept and the rest I just packed back in the box and returned. You are only charged for the pieces you keep and then wait for the next Golden Box to come! Every piece was nicely packaged in a black jewelry pouch that made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

15% discount! Use FUNMOMMY15 at checkout.

Oh, here is another pleasantry! Kollectin offers 15% OFF to my friends and followers that can be accessed by using FUNMOMMY15 at the checkout. I hope you get to try Kollectin and share with us how you like it!

PS: Here is a silly picture of my daughter and I where I am enjoying my Kollectin necklace and this moment with her.


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