Our Hawaiian adventure in Kauai

We always wanted to go to Hawaii, especially living in California but somehow never got the chance. So this December, we made a plan to go. As many of you who plan their trip to Hawaii, we were faced with a dilemma: Which island in Hawaii to visit? From our past experiences we enjoy more remote places, where you can share a meal with the locals and be less of a tourist and more of an explorer. We searched on the internet and always trusted TripAdvisor to find island called Kauai that sounded like something that we would enjoy.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands which makes its landscape very diverse and picturesque. A lot of movies have been shot there because of its surreal scenery. We experience the beauty of the island fully by taking Island Helicopter Tours which accommodated for our 3 year old to join the magnificent ride around the island.

Island Helicopter, Kauai, HI

One thing to know about Kauai that it can be rainy at times and that it has the wettest place on earth, but at the same time rain quickly changes with the sunshine and you get to experience all of the nature’s glory.

Na Pali Coast as seen from the helicopter

We stayed at the Hanalei Bay Resort and really liked it. It is located at Princeville which is also called the Bel Air of Kauai. It is a very pretty golf area that hosts several hotels and rental properties surrounded by the beautiful flowers and vegetations. By the way, Kauaii is also called the Garden Island and the Princeville area certainly makes you feel like you are in a beautiful garden.

Salt water pool at the Hanalei Bay Resort, Kauai, HI

We loved the Hanalei Bay Resort because it is child-friendly and beautiful, it has fantastic views of the Hanalei Bay, it has salt water pool and great tennis program for adults and kids.

View of the Hanalei Bay from the Hanalei Bay Resort, Kauai, HI

As you see our little one really liked to play tennis with instructor Mary who also gave classes to my husband and now he continues his lessons here in CA :)

Tennis instructor Mary giving classes at the Hanalei Bay Resort

Kauai beaches are fantastic for families, surfers and adventure seekers. They are beautiful and have good amount of waves if you are looking for it as well as calmer parts for less advanced swimmers.

Hooray to the Anini Beach :)

We favored the Anini beach, because it was nearby and toddler-friendly. But for the breath-taking ocean views, the rest of the Northern part of Kauai is just fantastic for!

I just can not get over the color of the ocean. The mixture of emerald and blues as well as the foamy waves made me want to stay and feel small in this beautiful universe of ours. Sometimes you need to disconnect from your everyday routine and business and just stare at the magnificent nature that surrounds us to really get a perspective on life and humanity …

Well, in between my philosophic moments that the beautiful Kauai, I would spend my time tasting delicious Hawaiian food. And if you are looking for a gastronomical experience, Kauai is a place for you!

Local Uku at JO2

We’ve done some yelping and also asked around locals for good spots to eat at and although we did not take pictures at all of the places we dined at (as we were too busy eating :) here are my top favorite spots:

  1. Jo2 is great for creative local cuisine and romantic atmosphere while being very friendly to kids. Our little one got an ice-cream/sorbet trio from the chef just for being cute and a good foodie :)
  2. Tege Tege shave ice food truck is in my opinion the best shave ice on the island (and we tried a few).
  3. Trucking Delicious has impressed me a lot. It’s run by a young girl whose take on fusion and local foods makes the best lunch. See picture below with the local shrimp that I will never forget :)
Tege Tege Shave Ice

Other places that were not photographed but were super delicious are: Sushi Girl, Kealia Poke and Bar Acuda.

Kauai shrimp by Trucking Delicious

Our trip lasted 10 days and I could easily spend 10 more days enjoying the beautiful Kauai. If you have a chance, I suggest you to experience this wonderful island for yourself. Have a great day and stay adventurous!

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