Pescadero, CA

A story of an unexpected discovery

Have you ever visited a place that felt like home even though nothing looked or even felt familiar? Yet somehow surrounded by all this foreign and new or well forgotten things, you could not help to feel completely at ease and comfortable.

This is how I felt when we recently visited Pescadero, CA. It is a tiny town located south of San Francisco. It is a less traveled placed around the area yet it is an absolute must to visit if you have a chance. It has whimsical and simple character with a very warm attitude.

A place that made a great impression on me was Downtown Local coffee shop/vintage clothing shop/museum extravaganza/black & white movie theater. I have never been to a place that has included all of the above in one location. While I was sipping on my coffee, I traveled around this fun place almost like Alice in Wonderland observing all of its “niceness and strangeness”☺

We carried on walking around town, listening to good oldie sounds of the live band, visiting fun pop up stores. It was just such a good time to enjoy this little piece of California with no agenda and only smiles on our faces. I really love times like this. When you get to discover a new place, meet new people, see new things, observe the way it all comes together and share it with your family. May you all have more pleasant moments and fun discoveries that leave you feeling just like you have traveled home that you have never been to☺