Stella and Dot bracelet ( and a silk scarf I got from Bangkok

Playcouture: bracelets and scarfs

I was thinking the other day: “What is my signature style?” Jeans and sweaters can not be it … especially for the one who back in the day thought of herself as a bonafide fashionista :) I looked into my closet and simply observed what is the most abundant item type that it holds and there it was — my answer. Every outfit that I have has always a matching Bracelet and Scarf combo to go with it. Even if I do not have time to sometimes include them into my look — every look for sure will have a buddy bracelet and a scarf to enhance it.

Boyajian bracelet ( and a silk scarf made I got from Bangladesh

Everywhere I travel, I seem to always come back from with a scarf or a bracelet as if those accessories reveal to me the soul and nature of the newly discovered place. That’s true, I can try to tell about a place/city/country from the type of scarfs that come from it or the design of the bracelets that were made there.

Asos blanket scarf ( and Nadia Lee bracelet (

My favorite scarfs are silk ones, but I also like to include some trendy versions like blanket scarfs and infinity loops. When wearing my favorite oversized blanket scarf from Asos I like to pair it with edgy bracelet like the one above by Nadia Lee. To me it seems as if one warms the other or adds a bit of definition to another.

Another favorite of mine is Stella & Dot rose gold and silver bracelet which contrasts so nicely with the silk scarfs I got from my travels in South Asia, like the one above from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

White and black pearl bracelts paired with silk scarf

Sometimes to add some “old world glamour” to my 0ften casual outfit, I like to wear pearl bracelets with a silk scarf. Somehow this juxtaposition of styles works well together. Maybe it reminds me that even though in this world a woman/mom can wear many hats, it is still nice to have something sweet and pretty about her air :)

So there we have it — Bracelets and Scarfs are my signature style, my playcouture :) What’s yours?

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