Review of Georgie Beauty Faux Lashes

Great look starts with great eye lashes (does not matter if they are yours or faux :)

Somebody ones said that “eyes are the window to your soul” and I could not agree more. Aside from hidden or obvious expressions one’s eyes hold that help decipher her mood - well defined eyes make a face more beautiful. Like for many girls out there mascara is my most favorite and a must have makeup piece. It adds definition to the eyes in a quick second but it has its limitations. A good mascara can only go as far as your eye lashes and if you want more than that you will have to look elsewhere.

Georgie Faux Lashes Wispy + Soft N0. 4 La Vie Charme and Clear Lash Adhesive

Every time I had my makeup professionally done it involved faux lashes. I always liked the look but would never recreate it at home as I never liked the adhesives used and was afraid of the process of putting faux lashes on. That changed when I heard of Georgie Beauty. It is a great makeup company with emphasis on non-t0xic, cruelty-free, natural products that work for a modern girl who wants to have a dramatic look without Parabens :) I tried N0.4 La Vie Charme faux lashes with a Clear Lash Adhesive. It was the first time I tried applying the faux lashes myself. For a lash dilettante my results (see below before and after) are very good :) It took a couple of tries, but in the end I figured it out and will be incorporating Georgie Beauty lashes into my everyday makeup routine.

Before applying Georgie faux lashes (no mascara)
After applying Georgie faux lashes

Things to consider when applying faux eye lashes:

  1. Use eye liner as a guide to where add lashes
  2. If you are new at it, try using clear adhesive vs. black
  3. Trim faux lashes a little bit to fit the shape of your eye better
  4. Have makeup removal wipes handy to clean your face if accidents happen :)

For more tips, visit Georgie Beauty website

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