Wee Rascals Amelia Earhart T-shirt

Wee Rascals or how dreams come to life

My daughter is growing up, too quickly it seems, and she starts asking me questions that start with “Why” and “Who”. She is discovering this world and I really want her to know it, to get inspired by it and to love it! So my answer to her as to “Why is she wearing this t-shirt?” would be, because it is fun and comfortable. And as to “Who is the lady (or “tetya” :) on it?”, I will tell her about my favorite and amazing Amelia Earhart.

This is how Wee Rascals came to be our favorite t-shirt brand. The company is run by two fellow mommies who wanted to create clothing with meaning for their little ones. They wanted to make clothing that gives inspiring examples of real heroes to the questions that start with “Why” and “Who”. And that message translated into successful and now very popular business!

When we start our day, I wish for my little girl to know that if she sets her mind to do something, she can achieve it just like Amelia. I wish for her to know, that her efforts are enough and that she can be brave and amazing just like Amelia! Interestingly enough, the wonderful real heroes that are printed on the Wee Rascal’s t-shirts are also inspiring parents who see their little joys wearing them. It inspires the world of possibilities for the whole family and I love it!

So hopefully my dreams will come true and my little amazing girl will travel the world and pioneer something wonderful and will inspire her family! Until then, check out Wee Rascals and find your own inspiration.

PS: I’ve partnered up with Wee Rascals to give one lucky reader $25 gift certificate to the Wee Rascals’ online store. View details on my Instagram of how to enter.

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