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Why solar

A story about why we decided to go with clean solar energy and how it came about

Jul 16, 2018 · 3 min read

I am so happy to say that WE ARE A SOLAR FAMILY now or in other words we made our contribution to “create a planet run by the sun”! After switching to an electric car last year, we had many conversations with our 4 year old daughter on the need to keep our environment clean. She wanted to know why it was better to drive an electric vs gasoline car and came to the conclusion: “Mama and papa, I really like that we don’t make our beautiful earth ‘boo boo’ with our new car.” She was right. That was our inspiration to switch to electric but not all electricity comes from a clean source. And that’s how solar energy and how we can improve our carbon footprint became a common topic of discussion. We researched for a long time and luckily there are so many solar energy companies to pick from. Ultimately, we decided to go with Sunrun!

Sunrun crew putting solar panels on our roof

Here are a few things about Sunrun that I really liked:

  1. Co-founder and CEO, Lynn Jurich is a woman! Yes, GIRL POWER! I hope my little supergirl will take inspiration after Lynn who in 10 years took Sunrun from a startup to a top energy company. Oh, and when the company was going public Lynn just had a baby and Nasdaq published this adorable picture.
  2. It’s the number one solar energy company in US.
  3. It’s based out of San Francisco, CA although it has offices throughout the country.
  4. Their branding is just so beautiful (a designer in me could not resist it)!
  5. The whole process was very smooth and easy.

So we decided to go solar and a big motivator was how much money we will save on the electric bill. The freedom to choose where I get my power was very empowering.

Signing up and installation

Sunrun solar installation on our roof

The whole review process was very smooth. After we talked with the sales rep about our energy goals, we received proposal and options to choose from. Our interest peaked on the Brightbox storage option which is a Sunrun service that allows us to use batteries with our solar system that provides backup during blackouts and save additional dollars during the time of day when the electricity cost via grid is high. I mean, Paris, here we come with all the savings! Our solar system needed to be customized as we wanted to make sure that we offset the majority of our electricity with solar and that was a bit challenging as our South facing roof surface was the smaller portion of the roof and our electricity consumption is high due to the electric car charging. But even that we were able to work out with the Sunrun team and schedule our installation!

Cheering for the new solar panel to be intstalled

The real fun began with the installation day when beautiful blue trucks pulled by our house. Installation crew was very friendly and well prepared. They ran us through the process and then started working on our roof. They were working non-stop and at in the afternoon our Sunrun solar system and Brightbox battery were installed.

My kids and us are so happy and ready for our solar journey!

If you would like to see more, here are my Instagram stories from the Sunrun solar installation. Also here is a link to my Instagram page where I love to share about all things conscious and fun mommy :)


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Adventurous mommy-daughter-son trio. Exploring the world with kids, supporting positivity & healthy lifestyle.

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