Funnychain FAQ

Dec 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Any questions? Here’s the answer!

We’ll here cover about :

  • Funnychain Idea in General
  • Getting Started : How to use the App
  • Tokens & Tech
  • App Support

About FunnyChain

  • What is Funnychain?

Be Funny, Make Money! FunnyChain is a decentralized social network for memes that incentivizes users for contributing to the community.

Our vision is to redistribute the advertising money to the users for their contribution to the community. The platform pay users for creating, curating, sharing content, and especially rewards community founders/admins.

You may learn more here!

  • What is the purpose of Funnychain?

Facebook, Instagram, 9gag, Reddit, and all the other social media platforms keep the advertisement money to themselves. The business model is mostly from the ads and it is a lucrative model for them. However, the community itself is created by the users and users should also be incentivized for contributing to the community.

We hope to shift the current paradigm of centralized, unified, and closed system to a decentralized, customized and open system pursuing the values of blockchain.

Funnychain promotes mass adoption of the blockchain using an intuitive and enjoyable approach.

  • What is your mission at Funnychain?

Like our slogan says, “Be funny, make money”, we want users to provide and have fun at our platform and be incentivized for what they contribute to our community.

  • Any whitepaper to understand it?

Go check it out! :)

Getting Started

  • Do i have to pay anything?

It is totally free! But for the usage of our platform, users will use LOL tokens, which is the cryptocurrency within our system. You can always buy LOL tokens to engage more deeply and invest within our platform!

The more you believe in our system and the more fun you have, the more your investment will be of worth.

  • How do I use this app?

Follow our tutorial video to learn all about funnychain usage :

  • Can I access Funnychain on the Apple or Play store?

Our application may be downloaded straight from your browser! Check our this tutorial :

Or go to and follow instructions.

  • Can I post straight away?

Yes you can! Create an account and go ahead and share your funniest memes or stories you want to talk about.

  • Will i get rewarded and how?

For the meme creators or the content creators, they will be rewarded based on the number of likes and comments, and whether the post successfully enters the Hot Page. For the users, they can invest in a meme if they believe the meme will go to the hot page, and if they do they will earn more tokens.

Have fun. Be funny, make money.

  • Is the chat section secure?

We pursue the vision of blockchain. No data will be stored from chats and they will be completely private and decentralized.

  • How to create the best memes?

Share what you had a laugh about or what you think will be funny. Evoke and target different emotions from the users. Our meme tool will help you in creating them!

Tokens & Tech

  • How is Funnychain working?

Funnychain is currently semi-decentralized but it’ll be working with a back end of the Loom Network Blockchain which is a DPOS side-chain of Ethereum and a front end coded in React.

  • What’s a Cryptocurrency and the LOL Token?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

You may find more about the LOL token here :

  • How is the incentivization going to work?

Our Decentralized Popular Sorting Algorithm (DPSA) automatically select the best and most popular memes out there. Everytime a meme goes to the hot page and becomes popular, users get rewarded.

  • Any transaction fees if i want to trade/buy/post ?

Because we are on an Ethereum Sidechain, none yet! But as we promote mass adoption, we are right now designing a solution where the gas fees will be paid in LOL Tokens earned in the platform.

Tech Support

  • What’s a PWA ?

A Progressive Web App is an application based on your browser, that you may download straight from your browser!

  • I lost my password what should I do?

In the login button, you have a “Lost my Password” button.

  • Any questions?

Just ask us :

Join us in Discord :

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