If you want to make a ChatBot App

There are thousands ChatBots created in the past year, most are being left after the first time trial.

Nature language is much harder to understand and react than we thought. Till now, there is no Chatbot that changes our life. We found out that we won’t really “chat” with a bot often, instead, we “make an order”. So the only useful Chatbots are not really for chatting but only for services.

After tested bunch of conversational UI Chatbots, I picked 6 comparably better UX Chatbots Apps below. If you want to make a ChatBot App, first step, check it out.

1. Facebook Messager ChatBots and Chatfuel — a third platform that create Chatbots in minutes

The biggest problem for all bots here are Discovery and Retention. So some recommended bots here people keep using are high frequently use service apps, except for the “idol” one:

Meditation — MeditateBot

News — TechCrunch and ABC News

Finance — Trim

Football— Toni, the Football ChatBot

Idol — JWOWW (nearly 100 million likes)

Trip planning — Hipmunk

E-pet— Magic Monsters

Though the performance of Bots are not so awesome, but the good thing is, FB Chatbot’s API is robust and very open. That gives us chance to make our own Chatbots easy and quick. I’ve tried to use Chatfuel generate my first Bot. It turns out that the interface is very clean and easy to use, OMG, much better than Wechat’s backend.

Create AI Chat Bot for Facebook

It support so many Plugins, but interface still looks consistent and clean.

I have to say I’m a little more optimistic toward Chatbots’ future after create one.

2. ada

This Chatbot have the best UX compare to others, and the interface fits well.

The design of ada ensures Chatbot’s advantages to the full play — focus.

It only ask one question a time, and it hide the menu button on the right bottom. The key flow is just a redesign of a a-question-a-time survey, but the Chat interface makes it more fun and easy.

3. Lark

It’s one of the earliest conversational UI app in the world that works well. The CEO of Lark said many users don’t want to share their personal health data with real people, but no problem with bots. So Lark do the job very well, it’s always a pleasant experience to use it. I think it is because Lark set the expectation and contains extremely well.

4. Luka

This app can help you find restaurants in bay area. It have a great design interface and works well for finding restaurants, but they don't want to limit Luka for only doing that. Luka trying to build a Chatbot AI platform that have multiple Bots like News/Weather and more. It's competitor Quartz • News in a whole new way on the App Store may not be happy about that.

5. Google Allo

Can we change the search bar and it’s results to a Chat interface? The Assistant in Allo said yes. The conversational interface helps user focus on one thing at a time, and by provide possible next step options, users don’t need to type a lot. Works well on Mobile. Thanks to daddy Google, this might be the most powerful Bot on market.

6. Duolingo Bots

Duolingo Bots | Learn a Language with Conversational Bots

I believe early stage language teaching can be standardize and automate, so Bot might do a better job than human. This idea is not new in education, but only the company with a lot of data can win, Doulingo have the advantage without doubt.

At last, the Apps I recommended above are positive examples. To design your own Chatbot, you need some negative examples as well. Read this article:

Why Chatbots fail

It reveals all the reasons why and how chatbots failed, highly recommended.

Personally I think conversational interaction just one of the many ways we interact with machine. And machine become Bots if they can do it well. I hope one day as the technology develops and human beings get used to communicate with bots, we can define the best scenarios to use Chatbot and use it well.