Bit By Bit: Intel Edison, Wolfram Language, Pi Glow and Raspberry Jam

Last couple of days have been very exciting. On one hand we explored how can we use Bit By Bit on Intel Edison and support Intel Edison based apps too, on the other we have showcased Bit By Bit to various kids and their parents at Raspberry Jam in Covent Garden.

Intel Edison

Last week Intel organised a one day workshop where we were able to run various B3 apps on Intel platform. This makes B3 a much more versatile platform and that the apps designed for Edison can also run on Bit By Bit. Read more about our experiences during the demo day below

Since the demo day today I am happy to announce that we will soon be bringing fun-apps to Intel Edison as well. This means democratisation of Internet of Things!

Wolfram Language

Now that Bit By Bit has simple but powerful processor and a means to understand voice commands, it is also coming with computational brain in the form of simple yet powerful Wolfram Language. From novice to advanced users can design various applications compatible with Bit By Bit online and save for others to run it with a click of a button!

Read more here:

Raspberry Jam

We got a chance to showcase Bit By Bit to various kids and catch their imaginations last weekend at Raspberry Jam in Covent Garden. Many thanks to the organisers to making the weekend useful for us.

Pi Glow

Last week we ordered Pi Glow from Pimoroni and seeded it on our fun-store. Now any kid can easily program Pi Glow with various simple commands online and share with his friends who can play it with a click of a button.

Here is a video which showcase working of Pi Glow with a click of a button.

B3apps position itself as your starting point for basic electronics and internet of things designing. It aims to provide users with first hand experience to let their imaginations flourish so that they can dedicate more time on building their vision and sharing with rest of the world rather than getting discouraged early with failures!

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