What is Raspberry Pi and why should I care

Imagine someone telling you that now you can design your own computer whatever way you want. You can choose the looks, feel both from body as well as the desktop of it.

Imagine someone telling you that you you can even design a walking computer who walks to your commands or a flying computer.

Imagine someone telling you that you can design all that you want and for just couple of dollars.

Thats where Raspberry Pi comes in!

Raspberry Pi Model B
Image source: http://www.raspberrypischool.org.uk/

Think Raspberry Pi as a small computer shell. A $35, credit card size electronic kit which works as a computer once out of the box!

Just plug it in to you TV, attach a keyboard and a mouse to its USB ports, insert an SD card and you are good to go. In couple of minutes, you will see your TV getting converted to a computer. You can surf internet, play mine-craft, learn coding, basically almost anything that you can do with your laptop can now be done with Raspberry Pi.

If you are a creative one, you can even use a 3D printer and design a cover for the same, lo & behold, you have designed your own computer.

If you don’t fancy such a big laptop, you can design a smaller case.

You can even build one for yourself for less than $10.

But the power of Raspberry Pi goes beyond just being a traditional computer. And that power comes from it’s GPIOs.

Here is a list of 20 cools things that you can design using Raspberry Pi.

For sure you do not want to miss out on the revolution happening around Raspberry Pi.


  1. There is no storage in a Raspberry Pi but on the SD card.
  2. To switch on, plug everything else in and finally plug in the micro-USB charger cable.
  3. Just like any other computer, you should shut down properly before cutting off the power.
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