Interview With Evgenii Neumerzhitckii

The Developer of Answers Questions Sent in by Fun With Cryptography

As Fun With Cryptography continues to expand and achieve our goal of raising global awareness for encryption rights, we’ve been planning some cool features for our members and visitors. One of these features includes interviews with important figures in the cryptography/encryption community. Our first interview is with Evgenii Neumerzhitckii, an astronomy student and the developer of AES Crypto, which is one of the best Android/iOS/Web AES encryption apps available today.

AES Crypto (iOS)

Being that AES Crypto has been our preferred AES encryption/decryption app over here at Fun With Cryptography, we recently sent Evgenii an interview request and were delighted to find out that he was happy to answer our questions via email.


You mentioned in your initial reply that AES Crypto is a simple app you wrote in order to learn how to make iOS and Android apps. What made you decide on writing an encryption app for your first experience learning how to create mobile apps?

As a kid, did you have an interest in cryptography and encryption? Or perhaps your interest was in computer programming and then learned of cryptography and encryption when you started programming?

[Security Now Episode Archive]

What made you decide to make AES Crypto open-source?

Was there a specific reason why you decided to make AES Crypto encryption/decryption exclusive to itself? (ie messages encrypted with AES Crypto can’t be decrypted with other aes apps)

Are there any future plans/features/updates for AES Crypto?

AES Crypto encrypts text messages using Advanced Encryption Standard. It is freely available for Android, iOS and Web.

For more information about Evgenii Neumerzhitckii visit his personal website

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