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I am doing the Snoopy Happy Dance….YeeeeHaw!!!! I love it when ignorance and intolerance is finally given their just deserts. And to hear he will not be paid has made me jump up and down even higher…..and that is not easy for someone 71 years old. Trust me. GRIN! I hope this is the same thing that happens to all the other resisters to the Supreme Court decision. I have dealt with the discrimination against homosexuality since the 60s when I finally realized who I was. Thank God for Stonewall in 1969 that turned the tide for the Gay Community. I never thought I would see gay marriage happen in my lifetime. My partner of over 16 years and I were going to marry as soon as it became legal in Georgia, but unfortunately he passed away of a heart attack in May of 2014 before the Supreme Court decision. It was too late for us, but not for all the up and coming younger gay guys. I am happy for them.

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