What I’m thinking about these primaries

My biggest gripe is that we lack viable choices on both sides. It’s just embarrassing at this point how low participation has sunk, in large part because the political parties have become too entrenched — there’s no incentive to cultivate new leadership or to invest in a smarter conversation. All that matters in this climate is winning — at any cost. It’s true on both sides, and it’s one of the things I can’t stand about both of the Clintons.

This article is a lot more interesting to me than the articles that come from the perspective that HRC’s ascension should be a done deal, for any number of reasons: her experience should make her a shoo-in; the Republican situation should scare us into the obvious choice; women should feel beholden to her candidacy; the idealist should grow up/get real/let go.

It’s not a done deal and it oughtn’t be. Look, it’s no secret that I’ll vote for the Dem in this election, but I’m rooting for and supporting the Dem whose vision reaches further away from the status quo.

I admire Obama and I hope his presidency will be a bridge towards more social justice and equality — we need a pretty major shakeup at this point.

I trust Bernie to lead that progressive progression more than I do HRC. That’s what it comes down to for me.

If your state has an upcoming primary, I urge you to show up and vote. And if I may: I suggest that you vote with your heart and conscience instead of with the media and polls.

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