A journey with twisted path..

My name is Furkan Ahmed. I belong to Uttarpradesh, brought up majorly in Delhi and shifted mindset totally with people. Back in my own school days, I used to study in one of the Govt. school nearby to my own house in the town. It was not a big town and, the best part about the school was that all the kids belonging to the town used to come and study in that particular school only- as there was no other option. I remember, a officer’s son, a teacher’s son and a tailor’s son (me) used to sit together. I was naive and very honest back in those days. It was Urdu medium school initially, till fifth grade. I used to love reading urdu and studied all the subjects except Hindi and English (obviously) in that particular language.

Fast forward couple of year, I came to a Hindi Medium in that town only which used to be feeder school for the previous Urdu medium school. Things there started getting/taking a change. One particular thing about both the school was that it was a Co-ed and both have to be separated and asked to sit in the different column. After passing my 6th grade form that school, I came to Delhi as family shifted here in the Delhi. I took admission in one of the Government school in nearby my place (Tughlakabad Extn.) Here the journey of new language started (HINDI MEDIUM) school. I started now studying everything in Hindi except language. The saga of language didn’t stop there-it continues.

I was growing up in that school as puberty hit in that school. I was there, still a sincere boy, following orders and rules completely out of respect of teacher without even thinking. I happened to see a transformation there in the school only, the teachers used to be least bothered by what was happening in the classroom. I would never forget an SST teacher, whose manner was out of the way, used to chew Pan and spit in the corner of the classroom. The hygiene and level of education at the place was not impressive. I had a better things at my previous school though it was not as big as this new one. My father visited that Govt. school once or twice and got really pissed off the way they were. He thought of sending me to a private school. But, somehow I was resilient on studying there only. I was determined to get into Pratibha school (A school having good infrastructure and teachers)after 10th grade there, as it was again a Govt. school but the quality was really good.

The fateful day happened and I got through Pratibha school cut-off and landed off at Lajpat Nagar school with commerce. And, that’s how my journey to English medium started. Later I studied from Bhagat Singh college in Commerce and turned to Teach For India fellow for a fellowship where I am serving third year in the fellowship.

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