First Define, then design.

Wow. I am in love with Instagram’s new app icon. So colourful, energetic, modern and finally its live!

The new icon is shining from hundred miles away. But the user interface is opposite. So clean and simple. The balance between the content and the UI is so perfect. Now, photos are bright and shining more then ever before.

“As a part of our process, we also asked people at the company to draw the Instagram icon from memory in 5 seconds. Almost all of them drew the rainbow, lens, and viewfinder.” -Ian Head of Design, Instagram.

The idea behind the design comes from community. With this insight above, you can decide what to do, why and how. Research and analysis are everything. After that, all you need is modern graphic design.

Now, when I unlocked my home screen, Instagram’s new icon is looking directly to me. When I open the app, the timeline looks so simple; i can focus main object and the content.

No more no more unnecessary details, content rules the UI.