My typical Sunday in London

Eel Brook Common

The things changed a lot. I remember that 3 months ago even on Sundays I was rushing to do something. To prepare a big breakfast, going to a bakery to buy a loaf of bread, a lunch at the seaside, meeting with friends, visiting parents, shopping again again again and the traffic jam perhaps. I feel exhausted when the day off and It’s cost me 200–300tl.

Now after 31 years, I am in London all alone. I am starting my Sunday like 08:30 and heading to the gym. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to exercise and go back home. Of course, freshly baked bread is still an important part of my life, I am getting my bread when I’m returning to home.

Brick Lane

My breakfast is simple. 2 Slices of bread, some butter, some feta cheese, 2 spoons of strawberry jam, half an avocado, 2 boiled eggs with salt, black pepper and lots of chilies, peanut butter and English Breakfast tea. It takes 8 minutes to prepare, 10–11 minutes to eat and 2 minutes to cleaning. Still early, I have lots of time. Usually, I wash my bed sheets, clothes etc Sundays and while they are washing I am reading something that I like to learn about it (not books, usually Wikipedia or Reddit). It’s still early. I am watching a couple episodes of Seinfeld or Rick and Morty and I am going out.

I am walking Parsons Green to Fulham Broadway. It’s 0.8 miles and takes 15 minutes to walk. I am buying freshly brewed filter coffee from Pret and a small dark chocolate from Sainsbury’s. It’s the best moment of my day, I am going back to Eel Brook Common (a park) sitting on a bench having my coffee and chocolate, without thinking anything, without any purpose, without rush. The coffee tastes better when you don’t rush, the chocolate melts in your mouth when you don’t care about the world. It takes 10 minutes maybe 15 to finish my coffee, the cheapest coffee in London but, tastes better than anything. It’s still early, I have almost 5–6 hour to finish my day off. Lots of things to read, watch, write and enjoy. My typical Sunday in London costs me 5–6£.


I see 4 big changes in my life:

Firstly, I don’t have a TV. It means I can’t lie-down against the TV like couch potato all day long. So watching something has a purpose now.

Secondly, I don’t have a car here in London. I am walking more than ever.

Thirdly, I have a small budget. I am living minimally and surprisingly it makes me happy.

The Last one and more important thing is I am not rushing for something.

Please don’t rush, enjoy your Sunday. There’s still time.

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