ConsenSys’s Cava as Apache Tuweni

In the spirit of Google Guava, Cava is a set of libraries and other tools to aid the development of blockchain and other decentralized software in Java and other JVM languages.

Cava includes a low-level bytes library, serialization, and deserialization codecs (e.g. RLP), various cryptography functions and primatives, and lots of other helpful utilities. Cava is developed for JDK 1.8 or higher and depends on various other FOSS libraries.

Cava has applied to be an Apache Incubator Project and has been accepted. Its name is decided as Apache Tuweni. Apache Tuweni is the first incubator project which aims Blockchain environment.

Apache Software Foundation has a great knowledge about developing, managing and maintaining an open source project. Apache Tuweni’s acceptance into Apache Incubator has another importance, it will help to Blockchain community to learn about such knowledge, The Apache Way.

I will be a Mentor and initial Committer of the Apache Tuweni project. I’ll supervise the Apache Tuweni community to help them reaching an open meritocratic environment and contribute to developing the project.