Modern bar stools

Jul 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Modern bars stools present a distinctive range of seating choices for the well appointed home. Contemporary chairs — modern designs that run the gamut from casually stylish to exceedingly elegant — inject variety both visually and practically, and must your home lend itself towards the inclusion of chairs, you’ll produce an endless variety of styles and materials out there.

What’s the main difference between modern barstools and modern counter stools?

Modern stools can generally be put into 2 buckets: stools and counter stools. Counter stools, the shorter of the two, typically range tall up to around 28 inches, and therefore are ideal for seating at kitchen islands and counters. Bar stools, their more statuesque cousins, stand taller about 32 inches, and they are designed for homes and spaces using a bar or possibly a bar-height surface.

How do I select the correct height when buying contemporary chairs?

Before you start buying chairs, carry out some measuring. While the heights of surfaces and bar surfaces are usually standardized, don’t be very impressed to find variations within these measurements. Make no assumptions about perhaps the modern chairs or counter stools you choose will be the right height, and err tubing caution. Once you’ve measured the height of the counter top or bar, choosing the right modern bar stool or stools to your kitchen, kitchen, or lounge will be a breeze.

Are counter stools and chairs interchangeable?

Contemporary chairs are not typically interchangeable with counter stools, and few things is often more discouraging than picking out the perfect stool only to locate that it’s too short on your bar surface, or laying eyes about the perfect counter stool that ultimately ends up being way too tall. However, depending for the specific space you’re outfitting, it’s perfectly plausible that standard height barstools might match the height of an particular kitchen counter or island, or perhaps a counter stool might be the right height to get a specific bar design. Primarily because of this, it’s imperative to perform some measuring first, and perform the purchasing of one’s stools second.

Design tip: don’t be worried to mix and match barstools.

While it’s natural to need a matching list of contemporary chairs or counter stools, don’t avoid amassing a group of unique stools. Like modern chairs, designer barstools have evolved to get emblems of innovative industrial design, showcasing unusual materials and revolutionary manufacturing techniques, as well as artful, highly imaginative forms.

If you’re wanting to buy unique stools, consider them less like a matching set than as a group of individual stools that reflect your appreciation for thoughtful, well-crafted modern design, and, although it is not exact replicas of each other, express a unifying design aesthetic.


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