How to Stylize Home with an Eames Chair?

If you are thinking of decorating your home with an iconic piece of furniture such as an Eames chair, then it calls for some understanding of the design context into which it was first introduced. The mid-century modern style lasted from the mid-1940s to the last 1960s and at present, it is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Read on to know how you can incorporate new and existing furnishings and accessories into your room and evoke the era of the Eames chair.

Chairs Designed by Charles and Ray Eames

The first Eames chair was made using moulded plywood and it became an iconic piece of furniture not only because of its design and for the innovative use of everyday material, but also for the new technological modeling techniques that this duo developed. They continued developing new manufacturing techniques with the creation of the first industrially molded plastic chairs. Another of Eames’s classic chairs is the leather and rosewood lounger and ottoman. If you intend to bring an Eames chair replica home, it needs to be the focal point of your room.

What Color Background is Best Suited?

A background decor of creams, beiges or grays reflecting a mid-century modern style of neutral colors with bright is perfect for an Eames chair. Wallpaper with bold, geometric design will really make the chair standout. As for color schemes, you can go ahead and think out of the box to create unique color combinations.

Accessorize to Make the Chair the Centerpiece

An Eames chair is the perfect addition to your existing living room decor and with a little tweaks here and there, it should feel right at home. The lighting should have an industrial look. You could maybe try installing stem lamps and hanging glowing bubble lamps to match the style of the iconic chair. Heavily textured fabrics such as wool and burlap in the room will lend it a warm, cozy and inviting feel.

Instead of stretching your budget to get an original Eames chair, look into the vast selection of Charles and Ray Eames inspired furnishings offered by online furniture stores and find one that complements the interior of your home.