Leather Or Fabric Sofa Which Is The Best?

If you are planning to buy a new sofa, but you are puzzled whether you should go for fabric or leather sofa? This article will guide you on which is the right option for you whether the fabric or the leather.


We all know that leather is a very durable material, but it can get scratched easily. Sometimes you might also spot cracks and split. But no matter what leather lasts longer than the fabric ones before they need to get replaced. Fabric sofa tends to wear out, fade and stain more quickly and easily.

Maintenance and care

Fabric sofas need more maintenance and are tough to clean. They catch all the odors and intense smells way too easily. They are also highly attracted to dust mites. Nonetheless, some sofas made from fabric are equipped with a shield that can be taken off and cleaned more easily. The leather is considered as stain resistant and is very easy to clean. Though it does not require much cleaning, but it might still need some basic cleaning.

Feel and comfort

Very quickly the leather adapts the prevailing climate and weather. They get sticky and hot in the cold and summer months. They are not suitable for extreme climatic conditions. A fabric sofa is very comfortable to clean when compared and gives you a warmer feel than the leather ones.

Color and type

Both leather sofa in Singapore and fabric ones are available in various styles and colors.

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