How to Buy Leather Sofa Online?

Cheap leather sofa stores in London are booming these days. Why? These stores offer quality level leather sofas within your budget having high style quotient. Calling them cheap doesn’t mean there’s has been any compromise in their durability and comfort. These leather sofas are not only meant for comfortable sitting and reclining, they enhance your home décor. Give a touch of elegance to your room without overspending on furnishing with leather sofa.


FINISHED LEATHER: is dyed with coating on a surface that is pigment base. Base is colored in one monochromatic color and darker colors applied in layers on top or base to give an organic touch to leather. This leather is mostly used in manufacturing of sofas.

UNFINISHED LEATHER: it’s strictly dyed with no protective coating, fast absorbent material, so at the time of purchasing sofas, one has to check this, because it can easily absorb oils and moisture thus leaving your sofa with stains. It even absorbs UV light, thus results in color fading.


There has been many stores online and offline which offers huge discounts and ranges of leather sofas to meet each and every one requirement. Choices available:

• 3 seater sofa, 3seater electric recliner, Leather Look Left Hand Facing Arm 2 Piece Corner Sofa, left hand facing arm leather sofa, right hand facing arm leather sofas and 2*3 black or brown leather sofas.

• Price range includes £369 to £998; this range varies from stores to stores, depending on many factors like availability of leather, seasonal demand of leather, festive seasons, company policy and much more.

• The store sales team works rigorously to guide you and makes your leather sofa buying moment a memorable one.

• Shipping of sofas depends upon customer location on world map, in case of international customers and charges are applied according to weight (in some case) of items or time required. Plus excise and custom duties. People living in London can easily install sofas with the help of trained sales staff.

• Return policy is simple, if return unopened, within 30 days full refund will be provided otherwise it can take 3–4 weeks. If stores found at guilty return shipping cost will also be provided.

In present era technology used in manufacturing can replicate genuine leather, smell, feel and texture. Ask for the factory seal from store salesman at the time of purchasing leather sofa. Make your home beautiful.