7 Chest and Dresser Styles in Your bedroom

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Jan 23, 2017 · 4 min read

After the bed, a chest or dresser is the main component in any bedroom. No matter its style, dimensions, color scheme or design, the dresser has a lot of functions, from storage to creating a particular atmosphere.

It is very important to select a model that suits your bedroom perfectly, as carefully chosen chest or dresser will serve you for years to come.

This buying guide considers 7 basic models and styles of dressers & chests.

1. Horizontal
is the most common and popular type that is also known as a standard dresser. These models are very versatile and can be presented in single, double and triple versions. A horizontal dresser features more table top space for storage and placing lamps and vases with flowers. A mirror is often placed above this kind of furniture, unlike a vertical model. Their only disadvantage is that they take up more floor space than vertical chests. But if your bedroom has enough space, it’s the best choice.

2. Vertical chest
is ideal solution for small bedroom spaces. Vertical dressers are also known as chests of drawers or bureaus. They take up less floor space, so if the room in your home is not enough for standard dresser, vertical model is the perfect answer.

3. Set with mirror
These models have spacious drawers for all of your storage needs, while the mirrors above add depth and visually expand your room. Dresser and mirror sets are great for preparing for the next day. Storage drawers offer plenty of space for clothing and bedroom essentials.

4. Combo
The main difference between combo and standard dresser is that combo include both drawers and doors. Most dressers generally contain only various sized drawers. A combo model is ideal if you have to keep not only clothes. The compartments behind the doors will store electronics, keepsakes, decorative accent, photo albums and more neat and organized.

5. Media chest/TV dresser
is functional and versatile pieces of furniture great for bedrooms and living rooms. The generously sized top surface is perfect to place your television on it. Functional storage is further enhanced by spacious drawers, great for movies and other media items. Open compartments above provide space for electronics and media devices.

6. Gentlemen’s chest
A vertical version of a combo dresser, it includes storage drawers and compartments behind the doors. Gentlemen’s chests are traditional pieces of furniture that are also known as tallboys and highboys. A tallboy is a “chest-on-chest”; it incorporates a double chest of drawers and a wardrobe on top. A highboy is similar, but both upper and lower sections contain drawers. The lower section is a lowboy (a small table with one or two rows of drawers).

7. Lingerie chest
is a version of a semainier. Tall and slim, lingerie chests are used for lingerie and toilet articles, such as jewelry. Disadvantage of these models is that they can’t store bulky items, but they conserve space, so they’re perfect for small bedrooms.

These are the main models but the assortment and variations of dressers are huge. Make a right choice!

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