How to make your bedroom beautiful

Paint walls
Painted walls set a visual impressionof an entire room, while serving as a base for arranging furniture and accents. White is one of the most popular color options in modern bedroom design. White visually expands the space even in the tightest bedroom, and makes the room lighter and spacious. Use solid color for walls to create relaxing feel and rid of different types of visual clutter. Light color such as pastel pink, sky blue and beige would become a good start of creating a cozy bedroom. The use of light-toned wallpapers with minimum of patterns is also a good decor solution.

Use Low-profile Bed
Choose platform bed with low-profile design or bed with legs, which are as low as it is possible. It will help you to keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered. Unlike traditional bed with legs, modern low-profile bed doesn’t attracts all the attention, while harmoniously looking amongst other bedroom furniture. Today’s huge assortment of modern beds gives us an opportunity to choose bed that meets our decor needs, taste and budget. Of course, quality and well-designed bed has price that is above average. Quality beds use solid wood for frames to last for years to come.

Illuminate the room using designer pendants
Pendant or hanging lamp is a good way to illuminate your bedroom without losing style and charm. It’s important to properly distribute the light throughout the bedroom. The other main thing is not to overdo. Choose lamps and pendants according to the size of your bedroom. Large one requires several pendants or one pendant with several lights in it. If you want to provide your bedroom with an additional light, use floor lamps and table lamps for a bedside area.

Rid of curtains
Take off the curtains and let the light go through the window. As a perfect accompaniment for light-tone painted walls or light wallpapers, the sunlight is able to make your bedroom brighter and wider. To compensate for the lack of curtains, just complete the look of a windowsill with different items, such as books, vases, flowers, plants, small statuettes, candles etc.

Rid of large wardrobes
There are many ways to organize and store clothes, outwear and accessories without using large wardrobes. Use a dressing area with an open design containing rack for everyday clothes. This option will relieve your bedroom from the bulkiness of a wardrobe, while accenting your individuality.

Bring more coziness with a rug
Serving as the main accent in the bedroom or just completing an entire composition, designer area rug is a good solution for any occasion. Rug hand-woven from natural wool, wool blend, silk and cotton is the best and the most expensive solution for the bedroom flooring. If you have small budget, choose rugs made of polyester with a blend of a natural material. Such rugs are durable and easy-to-care.

Choose quality bedding
The final and one of the most important task is to purchase bedding. Choose bedding made of high quality fabric and textile that is nice to touch and will serve last long. Mattress is the most important thing required for healthy and peaceful night sleep. Choose mattress, which is made of natural, breathable non-toxic/allergic materials.

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