Reasons to choose Scandinavian style

Being very popular today, Scandinavian style originates in Northern Europe: Finland, Sweden and Norway. Clear lines, colors, shapes and surfaces make the Scandinavian style so attractive, desirable and beautiful. How to create perfect Scandinavian styled interior? Let’s consider some basic tips and principles of how to choose the right color palette, furniture & accessories.


Scandinavian style is accessible for everyone and does not require large sums of money. Expensive and affordable furniture are equally good for Scandinavian styled interior. The mission of the style is to bring simplicity and provide maximum of coziness. In terms of design, Scandinavian is much simpler than rigorous Loft and sophisticated Traditional styles. Scandinavian vibe is easy to achieve by using simple decor ideas and blend furniture, color palettes and accessories.


Due to light color palettes, light toned wood furniture and simple decor solutions without additional accent furniture and bright accessories, Scandinavian style visually expands the space and brings more air and light without losing coziness. It’s a real cheat for small spaces and compact apartments, where the usable space is the most important thing.

Organic/natural materials

Scandinavian inspired interior is characterized by furniture crafted from natural wood with unfinished textures. Wooden flooring is a perfect base on which you can build cozy and inviting living space. Unlike other styles such as modern, industrial and art deco, Scandinavian uses minimum of synthetic materials to bring natural look and feel.

How to create perfect atmosphere of Scandinavian style?

  • Provide your room with a good amount of sunlight. Refrain from use of big/heavy curtains and additional accessories. Opt for blinds / curtains made of light linen or don’t use curtains at all.
  • To make your living space brighter and cozier, use white/light paint for walls. To enliven the overall look of Scandinavian minimalism, use some bright accents such as stripes of colorful wallpapers, vivid paintings/wall art, prints and photos.
  • Use wooden furniture. Scandinavian style is a synonymous of all natural and organic. Natural wood can’t go wrong with anything. It serves as a perfect option for furniture frames, flooring and walls. Scandinavian inspired furniture is usually made of unfinished (finished in clear lacquer) solid wood, such as birch, beech and oak.

Enliven the interior with some bright design elements. Complete natural look of wood flooring with a colorful rug. Natural wood in combination with cozy rug will surely provide your home with warmth. Provide additional comfort and complete your sofa, loveseat and chair with accent throw pillows. Table lamp with bright shade is a good way to add some playful look and feel to a conversation area. The main thing is not to clutter up minimalist concept of Scandinavian design with too many colorful and bright items. Use minimum to achieve maximum.

Scandinavian is very similar to contemporary minimalism with addition of light color palettes, simplicityof lines and natural furniture. Scandinavian style is a perfect choice for those who appreciate comfort and spaciousness in home decor.