The mission of glass and mirrored furniture — 20 pics

- It brings more light and air into the room.

The clear glass and mirrored furniture is romantic and elegant and serves as an important element of your room, which brings aesthetic design and improves the overall look of your home décor. It complements either rooms with dark color palette (curtains, wallpapers and furniture) or rooms with light colors. It helps to improve your home in both above-mentioned ways.

- Visually it takes less space in small rooms.

The furniture with clear glass construction or mirrored panels helps to visually expand the space and use it maximally efficiently. With transparent design, such furniture looks airy and “invisible”. Along with convertible furniture, the clear glass/plastic one is a fine choice for compact spaces.

- It rids your living space of dark corners.

Featuring tabletops and frames made of transparent glass and plastic, the tables and chairs allow the light to go through, while making the room much bigger and wider. Provide your room with more light by placing some transparent tables with decorative / table lamp against the corners.


- It serves as a stylish accent and makes your room look striking and memorable.

Follow modern furniture and interior design trends and complement your home with beautiful and functional glass and mirrored chairs, tables, cabinets and decorative accents. This furniture works well with any type of home interior, whether it is modern, classic or transitional.

Mirrored and transparent glass/plastic furniture

Tables and chests

Mirrored accent chests and tables offer a unique blend of practicality and classic design with a modern twist. Mirror finish glitters, reflects the light, looks great from any angle, and makes the room simply impressive. Designed with drawers, cubbies and shelves, the mirrored chest or nightstand is a functional and decorative solution for your home.

viennese-buffe | taccent-mirror-cabinet
Transparent or translucent chairs

This chair is a multi-purpose piece suitable for any space of your home in need of stylish seating solution. Its lightweight design is able to accent your living space, or serve as a comfortable addition for a dining table.

Furniture with lighting

Benches and accent chairs equipped with LED/lighting offer an alternative way to bring the light to your home and visually expand the entire room.

Dining and office desks and tables with a glass top

Glass tabletop makes the legs viewable from any direction, while making your office / dining room more stylish and fabulous. Moreover, the glass top is very simple, durable and easy-to-clean. Desk entirely made of clear glass lends uncluttered look to any work environment and provides easy way to organize computer equipment and paperwork.

Mirrors and decorative accents

Mirror is one of the popular room expanders. Serving as both functional element of home and stylish accessory, each mirror can meet different décor needs.

Decorative mirrors usually don’t bring any functionality, while providing stunning look, featuring heavily distressed surfaces, three-dimensional designs, and non-standard shapes.

westside-mirror | 3d-cube-sculpture-mirror | fs-mntrl271-mirror

Dresser, vanity or wall-mounted mirror is a good choice to complete a bedroom, bathroom or hallway.

glimmering-heights-sideboard-mirror | tracy-dresser-mirror

Some manufacturers create multi-functional mirrors for those who like all in one. You can find mirrors with a hidden storage for jewelry and accessories, mirrors equipped with speakers and USB charger, and even the TV mirrors.