Travel Is Not An Achievement
Kris Gage

A lot of what you say about travel is palpably true. But it is a story told from a thoroughly individualistic perspective. The point of travel is to have experiences which you cannot imagine without having done the schlepping.

Travel can really change a person: how do people consider government, religion, children, education, sex, cities etc? There are real differences and you’d only realize them by poking your nose into the place where you’ve traveled to.

Additionally there are natural features like climate, topography, smells, weather that are impossible to know without being there to feel them yourself.

So, yeah , the point is not to make a memory book. The point is to satisfy yourself that the way you construe your existence is not missing some important element that is “low hanging fruit” in some distant place but unavailable or even unimaginable at home. The point is to open yourself to real change by the easy change of dislocation yourself and finding how other people in other places manage the formidable task of making sense of life.

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