Nothing External Matters, Only Our Reaction To It
Kris Gage

For those who have not recognized their part in creating reality, there is valuable wisdom in what you say.

But there are legions of lost people who are trying to find solace in self sufficiency. For those people it might be better to note that we are not islands;nor should we have insularity as a goal. Our emotions, whether joyous or sad are channels of communication with others.

“Recognizing that there is an inner core that is free no matter the circumstances” can mislead people into thinking that this freedom is a way out of difficult feelings. Speaking as one who, early in life recognized the power of my own will-I can wholeheartedly testify that we cannot save ourselves unless we have the support of others. Our constitution as human beings is ontologically geared to the other.

Martin Heidegger , the existentialist philosopher, places man’s “thrown into the world-ness” as the central problem of existence. Our nature is “to exist, always with respect to the other” (Dasein).

The freedom to be yourself is attainable, but it is too easily conflated with self sufficiency-which is not commensurate with human fulfillment.