Lets go on an Adventure — Customer Discovery journey

Now over 4 years ago, my first real exposé to the world of lean startup was with AcceleratorHK (the OG accelerator in HK). Since then, I went on to start GOnnect, Opes Anor and Jefferson Trust. The tools bestowed upon me at that time have been some of the most valuable in the toolbox ever since.

Now that I’ve joined the other side of the table with Fresco Capital, I’ve been lucky enough to share with other awesome entrepreneurs these same tools. Customer Development is an epic saga, Customer Discovery is just one of the journeys that an entrepreneur's goes through on their way to building a product/service that customers want.

This particular presentation, I had the honor to give at The Cage an accelerator powered by the Lane Crawford Joyce Group for their awesome cohort of 2016.

Would like to thank Stephen Forte and Paul Orlando for the original lessons, and Justin Wilcox from CustomerDevLabs (which you should totally go check out), Salim Virani and all the mentors from those good’ol days.

If you want to learn more about the Lean Startup check out Eric Ries’ Lean Startup & Steve Blank’s 4 Steps to Epiphany.

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