Work Life Balance in Britain

British give lot of importance to achieving a work life balance. The fast paced economy and dynamic business environment have resulted in increased work hours but slowly, UK organisations are increasingly becoming more aware of significance of work life balance. So, one can see an implementation of workplace policies aimed at reduction of stress and pressure that come from private work life. The current ideology is that by achieving a balance, the organisation can benefit as much as the individual and the client.

The most common work related concern in the UK workplace is intensity of works and long hours. The work week in UK is officially limited to 48 hours. European Working Time Directive is regulation which stipulates that employees may work longer hours with a prior written consent. UK has opted out of this directive. It is seen that managers take their work home most of the times and with the Internet access and mobile phone accessibility there is a complete invasion of private time and all social time is also lost to professional commitments. Gradually there is an increase in number of companies, which have adopted employer friendly policies and personal support services.

People who opt for UK immigration services for work visa often seek information on UK national holidays and work hours. A brief description of these follows:

National Holidays:

Compared to other European countries, UK has fewer public holidays. The public holidays are referred to as ‘Bank Holidays’ in UK. People who show an agreement to work on Bank Holidays are usually as a norm paid extra. Also retail businesses have started to stay open on bank holidays, so that they can benefit from increased flow of customers. Principally though bank holidays are meant to grant a break to the employee from work. It is seen that people who are on leave due to a bank holiday, try and utilize it to bond with family and visit theme park, etc., or they may go for shopping. This in turn clearly translates to increased profits and busy times for entertainment industry, service industry and all retail sector. Also with traditional resorts and pleasant relaxing properties in UK, a wide number of holiday destinations are made available to the UK citizens.

Annual holidays for the people of UK fall around the period of July and August and then again during Christmas and Easter. Thus, it is best to avoid making a business trip at these times. Also UK is a small sized country and during holiday periods the transport networks like rail and roads tend to get busy. So as a precaution, one should prepare well in advance to ensure a pleasant journey.

Work Hours:

Typically, work hours in UK are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. But in practical terms, it does vary a lot. Also, shift work can be seen in many industrial work spaces and in service industries like hospitals and hospitality. It is usual to expect an 8 hour day but as a pattern, it is seen that employees work longer hours and are at their desks by 8:00 am to 8:30 pm.

Also the corporate jobs see a lot of extra hours to finish the tasks at hand and professionals tend to stay late in office. Lunch is for an hour in between and offices close by 5:30. With “opting out” of the EU directive, UK government is trying to achieve a flexible routine for its working class.

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