It’s true what they say: Dating can be wonderful. On a date, you are given the chance to dress up and meet someone new. You can find out about another life and listen to unheard stories that give you new inspiration. You get to go out to dinner or drinks or go dancing. Dating can lead to great things — new connections, new experiences, unchartered territory.

However, it’s not always a picnic in the park. Sometimes it can go a little askew.

Fuse wanted to find out about how people cope with the less glittery parts of dating. The scary…

Only 24 hours to hop on the metro of unexpected love!

Have you been lucky enough to see two souls becoming one? Have you ever been present for the moment that two sets of eyes meet, and two people realise they have found in each other what they didn’t know was missing? Well I experienced this magic one sunny September afternoon in Berlin when the creators of Fuse (a new dating app preparing to revolutionise the land of online dating) and I, their new intern, went on a mission to flood metro station Schönleinstraße with love. …

To meet someone ‘organically’ is to meet someone in the flesh. To meet a person ‘in the wild’ and ask them on a date, rather than to meet them on a dating site. For our parents, the organic meeting was the norm — there wasn’t even a phrase to describe offline dating. In fact, there was huge stigma that surrounded meeting your partner inorganically.

As Susie Lee says in The History of Online Dating, The Lonely Hearts ads in newspapers were seen to be so full of ‘all sorts of scams and perversities’ that police in Britain would ‘prosecute those…

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