So…let’s just be very real.

It can be hard as fuck to be a working creative on any level — part-time or full-time, making next to nothing or balling out.

You’re not only usually engaging in a craft folks think should be a hobby (usually dismissed as a “little thing you do” no matter how passionate you’re about it), but in lines of work that usually doesn’t guarantee economic stability in a brutally capitalistic world.

And the kick in the teeth is that while said work provides something that individuals and societies crave to keep day to day goings in…

(This video though…1980 random shenanigans all around…)

You ever listen to a song you used to dig as a child later on in life and be like “holy crap, this joint is NOT really on the level I thought it was”?

As a big music person, I do that maybe a bit more than most.

Like for example, “Puff The Magic Dragon” ain’t about a flying fire breathing lizard in goofy kiddie verses, it is about tripping balls on weed. “Boogie Wonderland” is jaded as FUCK lyrically but to an awesome disco rhythm section and great vocals. “Wanna be…

Heads up, this is a bit of a ramble.

So…the back and forth on the article where Leslie Jones talked about feeling like “what am I doing this for” in regards to dating, feeling like one may die alone, etc. from a few days back seems to have struck a nerve with a lot of heads…including myself. I’m still seeing comments on various other folks’ pages about it and the sentiment she expressed about having the want to connect with somebody and feeling frustrated that (at least presently) jacksh*t is coming from it.

One of the things I noticed in…

DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio)

DJ Fusion of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast; Photographer/Writer/Speaker/Radio + Podcast Host/Mixshow DJ; Cool Peoples; Black Radio Representer #Podcast

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