Announcing the first cohort of scholarship recipient of our 10,000 student scholarship program

We announced the first cohort of our 10,000 scholarship program today. Congratulations to everyone who received the acceptance email! If you didn’t get the acceptance email, do not despair, you still have a chance for getting the scholarship when we select the next cohort of students.

We plan to provide the scholarship to 10,000 students in multiple cohorts of 250 to 500 students at a time every few months. As mentioned above, the first cohort has been selected today and the next cohort of 250 to 500 will be selected again in January 2019. Unless you got a rejection email from us, you automatically qualify for the consideration for January 2019 application pool as well.

We got thousands of applications and there were many talented applicants whom we couldn’t accept in this cohort. We hope you may get selected in our second cohort. Good Luck!

Some of Fusemachines’ educational efforts

Fusemachines is venture-backed company headquartered in New York with the mission of Democratizing Artificial Intelligence program. Fusemachines started its highly selective flagship Fusemachines AI Fellowship program through which Fusemachines has already trained hundreds of engineers in AI where students got Micromasters in AI through edX platform. This new scholarship program is an expanded version of our fellowship program to let even more students have an access to excellent AI education. More information here:

More information on Fusemachines (sponsoring can be found here: