Passing Utah Vehicle Inspection Law: Get Rid of the Rock-Chipped Window

Utah law requires that a seriously cracked windshield be mended as soon as it occurs. Therefore, neglecting to take a car with a cracked windshield to the rock chip repair shop could mean the loss of the driver’s green light to their many privileges on the road.

As with any other broken law, disobedience will result in consequence. Rock chip repair is no exception to this rule. Having a rock chip or crack on a windshield impairs the driver’s ability to see. Utah law makes it illegal to drive a vehicle with cracks in the rock chipped windshield.

When an inspection is done a car will either be cleared or reported. If the windshield checks out then the driver is free to drive wherever they please under Utah law. However, failing to repair a rock chip will result in the car not passing the inspection.

Law officials take this very seriously, especially in Utah with all the rocks on the roadways. By driving with an obscured windshield, a driver puts themselves and others in danger. In the otter six inches of the windshield the glass is allowed a small crack. Once the crack expands that area it becomes a legal violation.

The result of having a rock chip extend from the “acute” aforementioned area will be a failed inspection. Passing inspection is as imperative as it is crucial to driver safety.

Do not get caught out in the cold this winter season without a car to keep you warm, because it cannot legally be driven with a rock chip in its window. Head to the rock chip repair shop and fix all the cracks that came from those summer road trips. A clean windshield will start the New Year off right.

Ciera Putnam is an automotive writer. Information provided by Diamond Glass. She writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+

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