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I woke up with the sound of that loud bird, which, from the past six months, sits on my windowsill and wakes me up. Sharp at 5.00 AM every day. In my previous life Pre COVID 19 era, I never heard of birds in the morning. But nowadays apart from my friend who wakes me up, numerous birds chirp around, and I enjoy it dearly. I got up from my bed in my sleep time pyjamas. You are wondering, why would I say sleep time pyjamas? Because there are many versions of it now. Sleep…

Fusion believes in bringing happiness among stakeholders and innovation in every task. We help in collaboration between all the parties, accepting due accountability while maintaining full transparency with our clients and team alike. We have an incredible pool of talent from leading institutions that makes a team of experts to deliver quality solutions. Fusion works as an extended wing of support for you that enables your staff to excel irrespective of your team size i.e. whether you are a team of two or 2,000, we offer competitive and comprehensive business and . IT solutions

Investment in Blowhorn

Fusion has recently invested in Blowhorn

Outsourcing is gaining momentum amongst all companies across the globe irrespective of their size. Be it a start-up or any big enterprise, every organization is moving towards outsourcing as it saves a lot of time and helps you build a talented team with the desired skill-set. Another reason behind this increased popularity of outsourcing is that it helps in reducing recruitment and operational costs, focuses on core processes, increases quality and brings innovations.

How to avoid outsourcing risks?

Besides, business process outsourcing services help you get the specialists on board without any long-term commitment. App development outsourcing is one of the best options for customers…

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads globally, the business giants have begun drafting a dreary image of disrupted manufacturing, broken supply chain, abandoned stores, and sagging demand of their products. The ongoing spread of the pandemic has become the most prominent threat to the world’s economies and financial markets. In 2002, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic was known to affect 8098 lives with the recorded death toll of 774.

Covid 19 is affecting 182 countries, including one international conveyance (cruise ship ‘Diamond Princess’ harbored in Yokohama, Japan). …

Dear Business Owners,

Look at your schedule for this or the previous week. How much time have you invested in things that aren’t valuable for your business expansion? If the answer is a lot, then it is time to reconsider your daily routine and bring a change. Offload some of the mundane chores so that you can focus on what matters. Remember, you’re an entrepreneur because you are good at innovating, selling, and marketing your product/service.

Here are a few people you should connect for sustainable business growth:

1. Fitness Trainer

Eating right is one thing, but having a trainer will lend you…

Fusion is a leading mobile application web application development and Business Process Outsourcing company that is globally known for its quality solutions. It recently invested in Jivana Link and has been delivering world-class solutions since its inception in 2006, which perfectly aligns with the requirements of the clients. Our business process outsourcing and innovative mobile and web application development services set us apart from the crowd. We have been transforming the lives of people with our highly efficient business solutions and have been serving the clients with our multi-domain expertise in consulting, IT services and virtual staffing solutions.

Investment in Jivana Link

Fusion a global business leader in mobile and web application development services recently invested in Small Bag Delivery. This venture is another stepping stone in our journey to success. Since our inception in 2006, Fusion has been a leading company that fulfills the needs of its clients efficiently. We offer the best in class business process outsourcing and innovative mobile and web application development services. Fusion has been transforming the lives of people with its world-class business solutions. We have been serving the clients with our multi-domain expertise in consulting, IT services, virtual staffing, and business process solutions.

Investment in Small Bag Delivery

Fusion is…

Recruiting staff

The guy makes the tent (that’s the expression, but of course the woman is just as good). The right staff is the number-one success factor for your company. But how do you get the best people? Do you look for it yourself or do you leave it to a specialist?

In this blog, I explain why in many cases it is better to keep the recruitment under control. And when you can outsource it better.

“You get what you deserve”

Regardless of how you approach recruitment; only the best employers deserve the best staff. Certainly in the current market, where employees can choose which company…

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), a contemporary common solution to enable labor-intensive, administrative business processes (finance, procurement, HR and eCommerce) to be carried out more efficiently and cheaply by an external service provider. This, so that the company itself can focus on the core business and no more valuable time is spent on things that are not part of their core tasks. This seems like a simple step, but in practice there seem to be some points for attention.

In this blog 5 wisdoms in a row.

1. Think before you start.

Carefully check in advance what the added value should be of outsourcing. BPO is…

In the constantly changing recruitment world, it can be a difficult task to recruit the best talent.

Competition, high unemployment rates, a lack of skills and the struggle for talent make it even more important to reconsider your recruitment process.

Because companies need to focus, among other things, on the core of business and cost control, they often choose to outsource their recruitment services. Outsourcing your entire recruitment process, or part of it ensures that an experienced recruitment consultant takes the lead and saves you a lot of time and money.

That said, here are some of the main reasons…

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