(And what it can teach us about User Experience)

9:00PM — Russia: A hotly anticipated World Cup semi-final clash kicks off in front of 40,000 fans. Millions more are watching live around the world. My team hasn’t been at this stage of the tournament in decades.

at that same moment…

3:30AM — Australia: Cozy in the knowledge that the replay will be available to stream later, I’m sound asleep.

6:00AM — Australia: My alarm jolts me awake. I get up and start to ready for work, eager to watch the replay over breakfast.

I leave my phone on airplane mode, face down. No alerts, no notifications, no group chat…

Compare the contrast. Designers often overlook the fact that some website visitors need high contrast colours to view content. The accessibility toggle button Fusion built on the Telethon Kids Institute website allows the visitor to view content in a high contrast with one click.

This simple button can help show your brand’s understanding for your users and their individual circumstances. For Telethon Kids, this button helps reflect their commitment to providing accessible information.

Discover how Telethon Kids’ multi-tenanted Episerver CMS powered solution is helping parents and researchers.

Ah… apathy. Sorry, we meant lethargy. Oops. One more go. Loyalty. That’s it.

Loyalty. Loyalty. Loyalty. Assuming that you believe such a thing exists, then it’s the holy grail of the established brand.

For financial institutions, customer loyalty remains the cornerstone of revenue. Keep a banking customer for a lifetime and you’ve got credit as they buy new cars, houses, renovations, holidays, school fees and more.

Loafing loyalists

Dig into banking customer survey data and there is a sense of disquiet, where an Oz-like curtain hides a different state.

B2B decision makers spend 1% of their time buying, and 99% researching…almost exclusively online.*

This dramatic shift in purchasing behaviour led Detpak to collaborate with Fusion on shaping their digital transformation strategy. The first initiative is the re-development of Detpak.com.

As a global company creating packaging for the food services industry, Detpak’s customer base ranges from big brands like McDonald’s and Subway to the owner/operator of your local laneway coffee shop. Regardless of size, they all search for food packaging that helps their brand shine.

“B2B buyers are no different than the rest of us. When they have a problem, the web is their first stop. Their expectations of the digital experience are extremely…

The Fusion Hacked Series

Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate at work, especially when 90’s pop is the genre of choice on the office radio. The songs in my favourite video games are designed to be mentally stimulating without being intrusive, so I’ve put them into a playlist of my own.

Now I can put my headphones on and work in peace, with music especially constructed to keep me motivated. It’s certainly better than Backstreet Boys for the 100th time.

Give these tracks a go:
David Wise — Aquatic Ambiance (from Donkey Kong Country)
Ensemble Studios — Cave (from Age Of Empires)
C418 — Clark (from Minecraft)

The Fusion Hacked Series

Having two little girls to look after means that mornings can be rushed, and I don’t have precious minutes to spend ironing my shirt. This trick helps you look neat and ready for work in a fraction of the time.
1) Find the nearest hair straightener (I secretly borrow one from my girls).
2) Carefully run the arms over the collar and cuffs of your shirt.
3) Hide the unironed creases with a jumper.
4) Head to work looking dapper with time to spare.

Note: Remember that you need to commit to wearing your jumper all day. If you get too warm and take it off, the game’s up.

The Fusion Hacked Series

When you want to add extra luxury to your day, what better way than a piece of cake? A whole one takes ages to cook and you can’t eat it all yourself. How about microwaving a one-person cake?

Whisk 1/4 cup our, 3 tbsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. cocoa powder, 1/4 tbsp. of baking powder, 1 egg, 4 tbsp. milk, 2 tbsp. vegetable oil and a dash of vanilla extract and salt in a large mug until smooth. Microwave for about 2 minutes or until puffed up.

For a bit of extra goodness, add a teaspoon of hazelnut chocolate spread or peanut butter to the middle of the batter before microwaving. Perfect to impress loved ones or as a fancy dessert-for-one!

The Fusion Hacked Series

Keeping track of the many cords on my desk was a real pain until I realised that I had little guys standing around doing absolutely no work all day. Put Lego men to work holding your cables until you need them. They aren’t always the strongest of characters, so you may need to ground them with a little bit of Blu-Tac.

Note: Try mixing it up a little by using Lego characters that have interesting facial expressions. You’ll soon find that an angry faced Lego man summons more strength to hold the cables… or at least it looks that way.

The Fusion Hacked Series

Clay Christensen from Harvard Business School reckons people ‘hire’ products to help them get a job done. Like a fork to eat pasta with, or a cab to get to the airport. Understanding why we hire things helps us to make better products, or market them in the right way to the right people.

All through these posts we’re hiring unexpected products to get jobs done. When I’m in research mode and need a snack to accompany me, I’ve found an unnamed fast food franchise makes milkshakes that are perfect for that job. If traditional flavours are too boring, ask for half chocolate and half vanilla. Your milkshake will taste just like white chocolate, a far superior flavour!

The Fusion Hacked Series

How good do you feel with a shiny new iPhone? The moment you notice the scratch on the screen is devastating. I like my phone to look like it’s brand new right up until I upgrade. If any scratches show up, gently rub toothpaste (not gel-based) over it with a soft cloth. Wipe your screen with a dampened cloth to remove any excess. It can also get watches, sunglasses or even diving masks to come up a treat. All those little careless scratches are no more.


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